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אזניות בלוטוס לילדים, מעוצבות ועם בד אלסטי ונוח- כך שהילד לא יסתבך עם חוטי אזניות ויהיה לו נוח להאזין. עוד פרטים כאן למטה:
the perfect headphones for kids - you can order it, like i did, on Kooshykids.com on this link: https://bit.ly/2FihEL9 | Plus if you register to their mail list you get 10% off!

Now your children can listen to their devices without bulky headphones and cords getting in the way! They are also volume limiting so they can't blast the sound. 

KontraBand connects wirelessly to your device via Bluetooth and allows your children to listen through the headband's speakers. 

With multiple designs to choose from, your children will not only enjoy the convenience of their KontraBand...they'll also look good wearing it!

אזניות בלוטוס לילדים